Get The Best Lawn and Hardscape layout.

About us

We are moving to an environmentally conscious company that offers a quick, clean, and effective way to improve the appeal of your home or business. We are in transition to an equipment that is free of toxic wastes and noises that harm the environment. Our work isn’t just good for you, it is good for the environment.

Low Noise

Our innovative electrical equipment operates less than half the noise of a regular mower.

Zero Emissions

The Electric Advantage over fossil fuels equipment helps you and the environment. With our technology, we can offer better $$$ than our competitors.

Zero Gas

No smell like fuel or gas. No carburetor to service, no line to be replaced, no oil to change,..means no downtime. Those benefits help us to provide better service to our clients.


Lawn Care

ECO Healthy Lawn

Annual service including pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control, fertilization, and lime soil amendments.

ECO Silver

Weekly or as need it service. Starting at any time during the year. Price change based on the size of your lawn.

Eco Gold

Our recommended service! Keep your lawn in optimal condition. ECO Healthy Lawn, ECO Silver, and Aeration.

Eco Platinum

Top of our service! With ECO Gold, we provide disease & fungal protection, pruning, and bed maintenance.


We provide a full range of water treatment services, lawn irrigation services, sprinkler repairs, and new installation. We can add new zones to your sprinkler system, make modifications, upgrade for new sod installation and landscaping changes. 

Landscaping Design

We help you plan your outdoor living spaces and install landscaping that you’ll enjoy for years to come. We design and perform each step with careful skill while taking all of your ideas into consideration.


 It's that time of year to spend relaxing moments in your yard. Hardscaping your yard can include outdoor dining, fireplaces, walkways, decorative stairs, and even water elements. Adding a hardscape design to your yard using natural materials both increases property values and spaces in your home to be enjoyed during the seasons.